Interview with Footballer Joe Anyinsah: ‘Why I Would Never Play For Ghana’


If you are a guy (or girl!) and have played football passionately, there is a big chance you would’ve at some stage dreamed of going pro and playing for your country.

If you were British born but have parents or grandparents who are of Ghanaian descent, this would’ve created a tiny dilemma for your little dream. Reason being, you would be eligible to play for England and Ghana as a dual nationality player!

Hmm…Black Stars or Three Lions?!

I caught up with Professional Footballer Joe Anyinsah (Twitter:@Anyinsah7) who may actually have this dilemma one day. He mentions Danny Wellbeck’s recent decision on choice of National team & gives his reasons for the decision he would make.


P.s Joe Anyinsah didn’t quite say he would never play for Ghana but it was a pretty provocative headline right?!

Click on the below link to hear Joe’s thoughts on this potential dilemma:

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN if the above player does not work for you.

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2 Responses to “Interview with Footballer Joe Anyinsah: ‘Why I Would Never Play For Ghana’”
  1. Phil Appiah says:

    Joe should play for England like Wellbeck!! He has sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe it would be nonsense if Joe were put in the position to have such a choice and went with the Black Stars. Either way Joe made some very good points to go either way.

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