Fashion ‘Gives Thanks’ To Black And White

Spring/Summer Cover MyGhanaRoots

Spring 2013 is finally here! (Dis-regarding the weather of course)

I for one am really excited for the new season and the latest Spring Summer ‘wears’ that will be reaching the high street stores.  This season, designers have opted for the more sophisticated approach – producing Black and White collections,  a colour pallet infamously used by the legendary fashion house Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld_myghanaroots

   Karl Lagerfeld


Chanel SPRING SUMMER 2013 - Look 4

It’s not just prestige fashion houses that use Black and White for statement outfits,  in Ghana, Black and White clothing is the dress code for those attending the ‘Thanksgiving’ & the Memorial part of a Funeral.

Black is typically a common colour known to those in the West as appropriate funeral attire but wearing White to a funeral may seem odd to some.  Ghanaians will insist on family and friends wearing White when attending funerals if the person they are mourning died at a young age, committed suicide, lived past 80 years old or if they were shot dead.

Funerals to Ghanaians are massive social events and it is traditional for funerals to go on for a whole week.  These days funerals are becoming platforms for families to display their wealth and be extravagant, so next time you are attending one make sure it’s your ‘Sunday Best’!

Ghana Funeral_Clothing_myghanaroots


Considering the Black & White look? Well, why not piece together your own Chanel inspired outfit:

A Black High Neck Maxi Dress:

Maxi Dress


Monochrome Pointed Heels or Monochrome Bar Platform Court Shoes:

Monochrome Pointed Heels (NEW LOOK)

Monochrome Platform Court Heels

Handbags? I would go with a Black Envelope Clutch:

Envelope Monochrome Clutch_Myghanaroots

To complete this Chanel inspired look maybe try…

New Look’s Very Own Gold Monochrome Triangle Hoop Earrings:

Gold Monochrome Triangle Hoop Earrings

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