Video: The Ghana Grudge (Ghana vs Nigeria)

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Ghana and Nigeria are neighbouring countries and share many similarities culturally, however the common personality traits of each nation have distinctive contrasts.

Historically, these two nations clashed due to Government implementation of extreme immigration laws that were set in bids to improve the economy. These Government measures included; Ghana’s Aliens Compliance Order, where hundreds and thousands of Nigerian immigrants were forced to leave the Gold Coast in 1969. Nigeria retaliated  on a much bigger scale with the Expulsion Order  in 1983 (reordered in 1985) resulting in more than 700,000 Ghanaian immigrants being expelled from Nigeria in a very short space of time . You may be familiar with the term “Ghana Must Go”? Well, this is where the saying stems from along with the naming of the laundry bag. (Read more details here) Ghana_Must_Go_Bag_My_Ghana_Roots

Fast forward to 2013…..MyGhanaRoots & Narrow Path Films have done some investigating through a series of interviews with people from both of these great West African nations. The interviews aim to discover if these historical events have remained in the history books or, have Ghanaians and Nigerians continued to bear a grudge towards each other? Perhaps it’s just sibling rivalry and banter on who has better food, national football team, economy, music etc?

 Watch the Video Documentary below and decide for yourself!

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VIDEO: The Ghana Grudge (Ghana vs Nigeria)

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The Ghana Grudge from My Ghana Roots on Vimeo.



Views are based upon a small sample of 1st generation and 2nd Generation Ghanaians and Nigeria based within the United Kingdom. These views & are not to be taken as a true representation of either country.



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  1. sandra mong says:

    Wow, I have exactly this type of research,am a nigerian, are you a ghanian?

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