VIDEO:Ghanaian State of Mind


For many, it will come as no surprise the power that culture can have on our understanding of particular illnesses such as mental illness, the perceptions and the treatments adopted or perceived as most effective. For some, the church and family are the most important forms of treatment. For others, medication, therapy and a change in lifestyle are first port of call.

This video is a result of our journey for the  answers to questions such as; “where does the reluctance to speak openly about mental health come from?”, “How big a part can spirituality play?”, and “what part does Ghanaian culture play in the perceptions and choice of treatment?”

The film includes interviews with mental health professionals and Ghanaians based in the UK and Ghana. The focal point of the film is a very likeable young man called ‘Desmond’ who talks very openly about his experience dealing Bi-Polar disorder.

Please watch and share with those who would benefit or find this interesting. #GhanaianStateofMind on Twitter

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