About Us


MyGhanaRoots.com was created by Derek Appau in October 2012. Derek is of Ghanaian descent but born and raised in the UK. Similar to many next generation Ghanaians who have been raised away from Ghana, Derek often sought after answers and information about his Ghanaian roots.

As helpful as many elders were in providing this information, many were only able to give him top line answers. Some even being annoyed with the in-depth questions! “It’s just how we’ve always done it” or “I’m not sure” were frequent replies. Derek decided to seek this knowledge himself and share his learnings and opinions on Ghana culture & customs (with a particular focus on Ashanti) with like-minded people as he went along.  The rest as they say is history…..


As well as being a very useful source for cultural and traditional exploration there will be exciting & up to date content on the site including Music (Afro Beats, UK, US), Entertainment, News (UK & Ghana), Jobs (UK & Ghana), Recommendations for the hottest events happening in the UK, as well as back in Ghana & much  more!

AKWABA! (Translation:Welcome!)

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