Ghana’s Independence: 6 Facts You Should Know


The independence of a country is a very big deal so it comes as no surprise that Ghana’s Independence anniversary on March 6th each year is such a patriotic and joyous occasion. Here are 6 facts that we think are interesting: Ghana was colonised for over a century by The British Empire, who named the … Read more

Video: The Ghana Grudge (Ghana vs Nigeria)

The _Ghana _Grudge_Title_Myghanaroots

Ghana and Nigeria are neighbouring countries and share many similarities culturally, however the common personality traits of each nation have distinctive contrasts. Historically, these two nations clashed due to Government implementation of extreme immigration laws that were set in bids to improve the economy. These Government measures included; Ghana’s Aliens Compliance Order, where hundreds and … Read more

Kente Cloth Explained


The 2013 Spring/Summer catwalks were awash with African inspired prints  click here to see our pick of this summer’s best collections. These new catwalk collections have given us a whole new way to wear traditional African prints, but traditional Kente cloth can be traced way back to circa 3000 BC. Kente cloth was originally known … Read more

Why Are So Many Ghanaians Called Charlie or “Challey?!”

If you are Ghanaian or have been around Ghanaian people, there is a particular expression or a name that you would’ve heard people calling each other. The word I am referring to, as many would’ve guessed from the title is “Challey!” The term “Challey” is used as a substitute to calling a person by their birth … Read more

A Place Called Ghana!

Ghana Flag

So I guess as the core topic and reason for this site revolves around Ghanaian culture and tradition, so it makes sense to tell you a little about the country itself…right?! Ok here goes…Ghana, formerly referred to by early Europeans as ‘Ivory Coast’, ‘Pepper Coast’, ‘Grain Coast’, ‘Slave Coast’ & of course ‘The Gold Coast’ is in the middle of the … Read more