Ghanaian Baby Naming Methods

As some may have noticed, Ghanaians tend to have pretty long names! If you are a non-Ghanaian & have Ghanaian friends, ask them what their FULL name is. By this I mean the name they were given at their ‘Outdooring’ (naming ceremony) or the traditional names they were given. WARNING! Make sure you have a few minutes to spare … Read more

Do The ‘RIGHT’ Thing..

Every country has its own customs there also are some Ghanaian Etiquette rules to be very aware of when in Ghana or around Ghanaian people. I’ll give a bit more light on these on a separate post but for now just a heads up on one of the most important ones. Do the RIGHT thing….What I mean by this, is when interacting with … Read more

A Place Called Ghana!

Ghana Flag

So I guess as the core topic and reason for this site revolves around Ghanaian culture and tradition, so it makes sense to tell you a little about the country itself…right?! Ok here goes…Ghana, formerly referred to by early Europeans as ‘Ivory Coast’, ‘Pepper Coast’, ‘Grain Coast’, ‘Slave Coast’ & of course ‘The Gold Coast’ is in the middle of the … Read more