My Sky Dive For Charity Tacco- The Results

Following on from my post My Sky Dive For Charity Tacco I am delighted to tell you that not only did I survive the Sky Dive but as a result of the donations made by some wonderful people we have been able to make a difference!! With the money raised from the Sky Dive the The … Read more


Book Review: ‘Ghana Must Go’ By Taiye Selasi

Taiye Selasi’s debut novel about a migrant Ghanaian and Nigerian family has received a great deal of publicity, so MyGhanaRoots.com wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The book covers a lot riveting subject matters including; cultural displacement, love, death, racism, sibling rivalry, bulimia, and paedophilia. ‘Ghana Must Go’ is the story of … Read more


Why Are So Many Ghanaians Called Charlie or “Challey?!”

If you are Ghanaian or have been around Ghanaian people, there is a particular expression or a name that you would’ve heard people calling each other. The word I am referring to, as many would’ve guessed from the title is “Challey!” The term “Challey” is used as a substitute to calling a person by their birth … Read more


Job Opportunity: Events Coordinator Internship

Do you have an interest in Ghana/Africa? Do you have experience or have a passion for Event Planning? Are you based in London? If you answered Yes to all three of those questions you may be very interested in this excellent Internship opportunity by Star 100. About Star 100 Star 100 is a Ghana-focused diaspora … Read more

Spring/Summer Cover MyGhanaRoots

Fashion ‘Gives Thanks’ To Black And White

Spring 2013 is finally here! (Dis-regarding the weather of course) I for one am really excited for the new season and the latest Spring Summer ‘wears’ that will be reaching the high street stores.  This season, designers have opted for the more sophisticated approach – producing Black and White collections,  a colour pallet infamously used … Read more

Sky Dive

My Sky Dive For Charity TACCO

I’ve decided to tempt fate and jump out of a plane, free-falling through the sky at speeds of 120mph and leaving my life in the hands of an instructor to pull my parachute and guide me to a safe landing. True Story. “Wa bo dam?!” (Translated:You’ve gone mad?!) I hear you say. Hmm maybe you’re right, but it’s for a … Read more

African Wear_Myghanaroots

Get the ‘Independent’ Look

With no sign of the cold leaving us anytime soon and March being upon us, it can only mean one thing … yes  Ladies & Gents it is Ghana Independence Time!  Ghana became the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain its Independence  in March 6 1957. This was a huge mile stone for Ghana and Africa as a … Read more


Ghanaian Baby Naming Methods

As some may have noticed, Ghanaians tend to have pretty long names! If you are a non-Ghanaian & have Ghanaian friends, ask them what their FULL name is. By this I mean the name they were given at their ‘Outdooring’ (naming ceremony) or the traditional names they were given. WARNING! Make sure you have a few minutes to spare … Read more


Champions League Football: Ghana Boys Steal the Show & Leave Barcelona FC Stunned

Whilst many watched Emeli Sande & Ben Howard clean up at the Brit Awards 2013 last night, football fans enjoyed some UEFA Champions League action! AC Milan vs Barcelona! (1st leg). Against all odds, AC Milan comfortably defeated Barcelona at the San Siro with a 2-0 victory, putting them in a strong position for the … Read more